Canes is a small non-profit so their needs are not complex when it comes to a website.

Their old site was on Drupal 6 which stopped getting security updates and other support a year earlier. Drupal 7 would have been a good option for the upgrade but even that has a limited lifespan. It's support might end in 2-3 years which is much shorter span of time from the last time they invested a bunch in their website. We could have chosen Drupal 8 but that seems overkill for their needs. Or we could have chosen Wordpress but there would be more work in migrating it.

Luckily Backdrop CMS is shaping up to be a great alternative to the Drupal world. Backdrop is a fork of an early version of Drupal 8, back when it still looked a lot like Drupal 7. The philosophy of Backdrop CMS is quite different from Drupal 8; one that is focused on a different niche: that of small business and non-profits that don't have the cash and ambition of large organizations. is a built on a sub-theme of the core Backdrop theme, Basis, which was just brand-spanking new right as of the launch. It made development much easier. We have a common set of utility modules that we use on all our Drupal sites, so we needed to port over the Drupal 7 versions so they would work on Backdrop. This included: elysia_cron, http:bl, reroute_email, stage_file_proxy. In addition, we ported the field_group module so we could group fields together in the node form and display. And we created a basic node access module "content_view_access" so that we can set which roles have permissions to view content, configured per content type.