who we are

Founded in 2003, Freeform Solutions is a not-for-profit (NFP) that works with other not-for-profits and public sector groups to help them achieve their goals in new ways. We provide information technology consulting so NFPs can use IT more effectively to meet their missions.

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Freeform Solutions is the embodiment of this belief that effective use of technology can be a powerful enabler for innovative mission delivery. Founded in 2003, the ethos of Freeform Solutions can be traced back nearly a decade earlier. Over that time, co-founder Jason Côté – now President and CEO of Freeform – held leadership roles in organizations such as Actua, CANARIE, and CanadaHelps, all innovators in the use of technology for meeting mission goals.


Being a nonprofit ourselves and oriented towards serving the missions of other nonprofits rather than making money, we are not your typical cookie cutter IT solution company.  Here are some of the ways we work to provide best value for the least cost for not-for-profit organization.

  • As a pioneer in the use of Agile project management methodologies within the not-for-profit sector, rather than simply doing work on demand, Freeform Solutions works hard to partner with client organizations, to understand their needs from the inside out. We feel strongly that this allows us to provide the highest level of service, in the same way clients would themselves, if they had the capacity in-house.
  • We are a virtual organization, with no single physical office space. We instead rely on the best communication and information technology available to work as a team in new ways. Not only does this help us keep our administrative costs low as a not-for-profit, we are able to lead by example in the use of technology, and share our learning and expertise with our clients.
  • Through the innovative use of Open Source software, we have created a development commons within our client base, where each client contributes to the same body of work, and benefits from the contributions of others. This efficient development process lets us reduce the time we spend on costly activities, such as programming, and instead lets us focus on understanding client processes in detail, so we can provide complete solutions that are integrated with the way people actually work.


Freeform Solutions has worked with a wide variety of organizations, from national charitable foundations, university departments, and household-name not-for-profits, to small dedicated organizations you've never heard of, but that make a difference every day. 

Find out more about the organizations we work with.   Some of our more recognizable clients include:

  • Oxfam Canada

  • Amnesty International Canada

  • The Edmonton Food Bank

  • The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

  • The Centre for Social Innovation

  • The Muttart Foundation

  • The University of Toronto

  • The Frontier Airlines Pilots Association (USA)

  • The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (USA)

  • The Parenting Research Centre (Australia)