what we do

Freeform currently provides technology and management consulting, website and database development, and managed internet hosting solutions that are relevant to, and appropriate for, not-for-profit organizations (NFPs). There is no task too small or too big for us - our aim is to help NFPs serve their clients better.

Presently, our main activity is providing IT consulting services. As an "outsourced IT department" for NFPs that do not have one of their own, or who need extra help from time to time, the services we provide can be quite varied - from help desk support to advising the board of directors. While we aspire to offer the full range of IT support that an NFP might need, directly or indirectly through partnerships, we currently respond to support requests that fit into one of the following six main categories:

You may wonder what exactly hides behind those words, so here is a list of example tasks we do or provide consultations for:

  • Online surveys
  • Registrations for events
  • Databases
  • Time sheets
  • Volunteer management, client contact management systems
  • Systems for managing grants, donor tracking, fundraising, grant applications, approval processes, follow-up, etc.
  • Transfer of current information (saved, for example, in Excel spreadsheets) into online documents, accessible immediately to chosen groups of people
  • Solving communication problems with email and large numbers of attachments by creating systems to store the data online, again, for easy access by chosen groups of people

This is not a complete list of tasks, but rather an illustration that we are not an organization that only cares about your website or internal portal needs - we get the same satisfaction and fulfillment when helping you solve awkward knowledge sharing issues, phone/email settings or simple "how do I" questions. We want to be an organization you trust and can approach to answer your questions. If we know the answer, we will share it with you and you can decide if you want us to implement the solution or not. If we don't know the answer to your problem, we can research the issue, find out if someone else already solved it and suggest that solution or we can always create a new application that will fulfill your needs. It's very probable that what you need is also needed by other NFP organizations, so the work we do for you will benefit the whole NFP community.