web servers

All online systems we work with (CRM, CMS, PM), require a framework to be installed on the server. The framework can be installed piece by piece or as a "combo" that contains all necessary items.

Server application kits

Instead of installing Apache, MySQL and PHP separately, you can download one of the "kits" listed below that not only make the installation much easier (especially for the first-timers), but also come with a set of tools that make managing an understandable task.


  • Quickly run Drupal, Wordpress, Backdrop CMS and more.
  • Available for MacOS, Windows and LInux
  • Integrates with Virtualbox, Docker, Drush, WP-CLI, and Pantheon's Terminus


  • Available Windows platform


  • Available for Windows and Linux

Server applications

For those who want the "real thing", here is a list of links to each component needed to create a framework for installing later any of the open source systems (CRM, CMS) we mentioned on our website.

Apache HTTP Server



Additional server tools