project management (PM)

Ever wondered who was suppose to do a task you talked about last week? Or do you know who is the most busy person in your organization and who could fit one more project? Project Management systems give you an instant overview of the projects, tasks and human resources in your company.

Fragile is the result of our frustration with the available agile project management options and our eagerness to use our own knowledge of Drupal and use it for own planning tool. Fragile allows us to organize our agile project planning, by allowing us to store client info, projects, budgets, releases, sprints, stories, tasks and so on. For more information, please check out the pages dedicated to Fragile.

web2Project - system that is capable of managing any number of projects, companies, departments and users. Because of the modular integration of features, you can add and remove various modules that aid the Project Manager in his/her job from the most clean to the most mean of the Business Environments. Centralizes Project communication allowing you to avoid confusion and risks. Role based permissions makes the user setup easier and gives the Project Manager more control over sensitive data.

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