Oxfam Canada - GROW campaign action centre

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Client Description: 

Oxfam Canada is a member of Oxfam, a confederation of 15 national Oxfams around the world. Oxfam works in response to humanitarian needs, regardless of race or creed, in 98 countries.

Project Objective: 

As part of an international campaign around hunger and sustainability called GROW, Oxfam Canada was launching a subsite. The site needed to share a lot of data with the main site while also having a different but related theme.


As part of an international campaign around hunger and sustainability, Oxfam Canada launched the GROW site. Freeform provided graphic design assistance, working within a style guide provided by the organization, and implemented a subsite through their main Drupal site. The GROW site shares the same database but has its own theme and layout.

Information from the main Oxfam site is assigned to the GROW site by tagging it with a special taxonomy term. Then the ThemeKey module takes over to ensure that when that content is viewed the GROW theme is used.

Blog entries from the Oxfam blog site are brought in through an RSS feed. Information from an advocacy site and from donations are also brought in, in one central "action" hub.

We also implemented a workflow to allow editors to review content before it is published. This customized workflow better fit Oxfam's needs for a customized editing process.