formulize roadmap

These are the planned future releases:

The "makes coffee" release, which will do so many amazing things, we can't even imagine them right now


This will be an incremental, polishing release on top of what's in 5.0

This is the next release that is the "master" branch in GitHub, and is being worked on now.
5.0December 2013

The "platform" release, which focuses on making Formulize available through any medium, including other CMSs and Mobile apps, together with some huge internal improvements, and hopefully the ability to import and export applications between installations!

This is the latest release.
4.0November 30, 2011913 days in development

The "admin UI" release, which revamped the entire administration UI, provided a standalone installer, plus a Drupal module for easier integration with Drupal.

A Release Candidate version was available 7 months after version 3.12 was released, but many major features were added between then and the final release, including file upload elements, support for writing your own element types with a single "class" file, and fundamental improvements to how data from very complex sets of forms is queried.

These are the previous releases:
3.1May 31, 2009231 days in development

The "database optimization" release, which included major, major performance improvements leveraged from the 3.0 architecture, plus many other data-centric features, like real data typing in the database, and derived values being stored in the database just like regular data.

Two maintenance releases, 3.11 and 3.12 were made within six months, to add some newly developed improvements and fixes from the 4.0 development branch.

3.0October 12, 2008509 days in development

The "one-table-per-form" release, which rearchitected how data was stored to enable all kinds of future improvements, plus included lots of new search options and configuration options

2.3May 22, 2007211 days in development

The "screens" release, which added the screen system to let application developers easily create custom variations on the default forms and lists of entries, without having to use the API, plus 50% speed improvements due to caching and paginating of data

2.2October 23, 2006145 days in development

The "FSOSS 2006" release, just in time for the FSOSS conference that year, featuring multipage forms, improved import-from-csv features, frameworks based on common values, e-mail notifications, and many other important features

2.1May 31, 200677 days in development

The "50% performance improvement" release, which made loading lists of entries a lot faster, plus other fixes and tweaks

2.0 family of releases:days in development:

2.0 was the "data browser UI" and API release. It featured a completedly redesigned list-of-entries interface for searching, sorting, organizing and doing calculations on the data in forms. It also provided an API for interacting with forms, and lists of entries, and the data in forms. The subsequent releases added many more API features, plus other important features like the first import-from-csv and the {TODAY} search keyword.

July 29, 2005
August 3, 2005
August 15, 2005
September 1, 2005
October 21, 2005
December 22, 2005
March 15, 2006

1.6March 9, 200562 days in development

The "data extraction layer" release, which introduced the concept of having an independent query layer between the UI and the data, which could be included from other websites, entirely independent of Formulize

1.5January 6, 2005125 days in development

The first public release. This was the version shown at "XOOPSDEM 2005" in Brussels.

1.0September 3, 200443 days in development

The launch day of the website for which the Formulize module was originally written. Development work based on the Formulaire module for XOOPS had begun 43 days earlier.

Pre-FormulizeJune 1, 2002

Formulize was inspired by ideas that we first developed while building a series of internal websites for a national not-for-profit organization. These websites featured a rudimentary application development toolkit, with a user-centric design model.

On June 1, 2002, the final version of these tools was released internally. This codebase was destined to never be released publically.

In 2006, we replaced this system with a website based on XOOPS and Formulize 2.1.

Since then, the website has been rebuilt using Drupal and successively newer versions of Formulize.