features of fragile project management tool

The main entities in Fragile so far are: Clients > Projects > Chapters > Stories > Tasks [Client can have one or more projects; Projects can have one or more Chapters; Chapters can have one or more Stories; Stories can have one or more Tasks]. Those entities contain information for whom we work, what is the scope of work (Project), what are the details of the project (Chapter, Stories and Tasks).

We also have Budget entity that allows us to capture how much money a Client has to spend on the Project(s). [Client can also have one or more Budgets; Project is financed by Budget; Budget can pay for one or more Projects]

From the organization of work in time angle, we have different entities: Releases and Sprints.

Each Project has Releases, in which Stories are organized by the priority of implementation. Releases are the phases of a project with deadlines for showing progress to the Client. We've implemented basic Release Velocity to facilitate the planning of our projects and workload week by week.

To organize work of the whole team on the weekly basis, we've implemented Sprints. Stories (with Tasks) from multiple projects can be assigned to one Sprint, which is the summary of the total work for the whole team. Each Sprint has a summary table that indicates the workload of the whole team that Sprint and also the workload of the individual team members.

Sprint entity has statuses that allow us to control which Sprint we are currently working on and which ones we are planning for the future.