Client Management System for Edmonton's Food Bank

Client site of EFB
Client Description: 

Each month, more than 15,000 people receive hampers from Edmonton's Food Bank or one of the over 190 agencies, churches or food depots with which we are affiliated. The Food Bank also distributes food to more than 300,000 meals and snacks each month.

Project Objective: 

The Edmonton's Food Bank (EFB) was looking to update their 15+ years old database to manage information about clients, provided hampers and dropoff points. New system needed to be flexible (so that the new features can be easily added later, without rebuilding the system), manageable by EFB staff (so that most maintenance work can be done in-house) and adapted to the current reality of supporting a few hundred support calls every day, while maintaining information about each client individual needs and most convenient way to receive help (distance from the local food depot/agencies).


We've implemented CiviCRM - a flexible constituent relationship management system and used it to implement online client management system. By modifying some out-of-the-box functionality, new system allows Food Bank staff to track information about clients, their relationships between each other (households), history of received food hampers, information about location from which hampers are most often picked-up and clients' dietary and allergic requirements.
Further customizations of searches and reports allow Food Bank staff to run any client searches that are needed to quickly find information about given client history where reports help to keep track of released food hampers and their frequency.
Currently, system is being used by multiple staff members at the same time, and the database has more then 30,000 client records (and growing).