Reaping the dividends of active community involvement: DrupalCamp Toronto 2010

If you have less than ten people in your company, and you send four of them to a conference, you probably consider it a large expense. Yeah, we do too. But we believe we gained much more from DrupalCamp Toronto 2010 than we put into it. We gained a deeper understanding of the open source ecosystem we're working within; new contacts with colleagues; and even met people who want to help improve our project management system for free! It's all an integral part of our pro bono practice.

We were not just participants, but sponsors, volunteers, and presenters (on Fragile and Formulize/Drupal integration). And we wrote it all up in our column at Open Source Business Resource. Being involved in integral ways in the Drupal community has much bigger payback than traditional marketing and sales avenues. As we said in the column:

All of this represents opportunities for Freeform that we couldn't have got any other way. We improved our profile in the community, we got the word out about what we're doing, and we helped produce an event that put us in direct contact with the leaders in the community. It was good for us, it was good for the other participants, and it was good for Drupal too. A win-win-win. This is how open source works, and why we're proud to be part of it.


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