We know Technology

■ over a decade of consulting & development
■ 100s of successful projects
■ we deliver value early and often with Agile methods

Case Study Thumbnail
As part of an international campaign around hunger and sustainability, Oxfam Canada launched the GROW site. Freeform provided graphic design assistance, working within a style guide provided by the organization, and implemented a subsite through their main Drupal site.
YSC was recognized, at the latest international science fair in Bratislava, for having the Best Website. This award - for a "very intuitive and complete website" - comes from the International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology.
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The Playwrights Guild of Canada required a completely new site with an integrated database of all their plays and playwrights, and the ability for the public to purchase plays through the site - an integrated store.
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Neptis Geoweb is a mapping application created for the Neptis Foundation to help residents, researchers and decision makers visualize how the Greater Toronto Region is going to develop in the coming decades. It is built on open source software, Drupal and OpenLayers.
Case Study of the Deaf Literacy Initiative homepage
The Essential Skills website provides learning modules for deaf individuals looking to upgrade their English-language literacy. The site makes extensive use of videos to provide information in American Sign Language (ASL).
Client site of EFB
Edmonton's Food Bank's client system is built with the constituent relationship management application, CiviCRM and heavy customization of their reports and searches to allow it be used for the specialized needs of a food bank.

We know Nonprofits

■ tight budgets, big needs
■ many stakeholders, from clients to board members
we're a nonprofit too!

custom design & development

■ Drupal
■ WordPress too!
■ Joomla! too
■ accessible
■ mobile & responsive

to help nonprofits manage:

■ contacts
■ donors
■ events
■ memberships
■ case management

Connect your data to your world

■ integrate with your website
■ personalize access
■ customize workflows
■ made for nonprofits

multi-project agile planning

■ balance work across projects
■ balance work across team members
■ respond flexibly to changes
■ forecast accurately